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Real Deal Roatan Tours & Our Church

God has blessed us so we can be a blessings to others

My wife and I are full time Pastors in Roatan. Our church is named Iglesia El Shaddai, Roatan. We started the church back in 2017 in an old abandoned school. We began meeting in this school with about 20 people and we are up to 200 people in our congregation. We decided to start helping the kids in our church and community. Every year we do two special drives, in December we do a Toy Drive and bless as many kids as posible with an awesome Toy. In February we do our Back to School Drive and gather as many backpack and school supplies as posible for the kids. Many can't afford school supplies so we try to help as best we can.

You can be part of this too if you decide to support this cause. If you need more info just send me an email at If you prefer to send items as a donation you can also send them to the following address:

Max Shipping/Pastor Johan Muñoz/ Donations



We cover the shipping from FL to Roatan. God bless you and Thank you for your support.

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